The Brain Is The Most Important Part Of The Human Brain

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When you think of the brain, think of it as the most important part of the human body. The brain is the strongest part of the body and can easily be damaged. Not only is it easy to damage but it also has the ability to take in a lot of new information to increase one's intelligence. Think of the brain like a computer or even a sponge.

The brain has six very important parts to it, the lobes play a very important part to the brain. The lobes break down into four different parts these four parts are the frontal, temporal, occipital and the parietal lobe. These four lobes are what makes the brain look so cool. Everyones is born with their own maze of a brain but with in that maze ever one has the four lobes. The four lobes all have different jobs. As you said in the video that we watched for week one the frontal lobe controls the thinking and the planning. To me, I think the frontal lobe is the most important lobe of them all. The frontal lobe continues to grow as you get older, the reason for that is because it's more like a memory card as well, the older you get the more memories you tend to have.

The second of the of the six most important parts is the motor cortex. The motor cortex is to the body what and the engine is to a car. The motor cortex is what helps the body move. The cortex is what controls the bodies movement. If you happen to damage the motor cortex you're more than likely going to be paralyzed.
The third part of the brain is your brain stem is another
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