The Brain That Changes Is An Informative And An Educational Book By Norman Doidge

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The Brain That Changes Itself is an informative and an educational book was written by Canadian Psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, writer, and researcher Norman Doidge, who delivers a dramatic change message about the plasticity of the brain; how the brain changes itself. "The Brain That Changes Itself" is a chain of excellent case studies of individuals who have undergone a brain deficit of some kind and examines different types of brain deficits from simple sensory; auditory and visual to complex deficits; missing brain regions. The book recounts neuroscientific advances on how neuroplasticity does not limit the individual to predefined neural limitations and that our way of thinking, as well as the activities that we perform every day,…show more content…
It is full of comprehensive and engaging style; well reference and scientifically proven, summarizes the current revolution in neuroscience and neuroplasticity, and closes the gap that the old age or matured brain, which is unchangeable is changeable and malleable (plastic); extending it functions from one region to the other. Doidge engaging style of writing, scientific proves, and academic tone help to make the book persuasive.

In classical neuroscience, there was the theory that the adult brain was considered fixed and inflexible; every part had a specific purpose and function and when it is damaged, cannot be replaced or repaired. Today experimental techniques suggest and embrace the recognition that the brain is plastic and can change itself with exercise and understanding whether you are an infant or an adult. It explains that the brain is constantly seeping out in various directions and is apparently able to respond to injury with a striking functional reorganization, and sometimes actually thinks itself into a new structure of body arrangement. Doidge also argues that plasticity can be good or bad based on the way a brain is used. For instance, on the wrong side individuals who watches pornography have deleterious part of their brain that makes them addictive to watching porn and
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