The Braindead Megaphone By Jon Ronson

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“The Braindead Megaphone” in Jon Ronson’s So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed It seems not a day goes by without news of a major calamity echoing in the chamber that is the news. This echo chamber might even lead you to think that we are living in the most dangerous time in history. Protest spring up in one city, wars start in another country, a terrorist group kills civilians, or North Korea performs a nuclear test. What this news might not tell you is that we are living in the most peaceful time, that less children die in birth today than ever before, that many diseases that were once prevalent have all but been eradicated. This is what George Saunders speaks off in his essay “The Braindead Megaphone” he asks use to imagine a man…show more content…
Sanders feared that in a world ruled by the internet everyone would be the megaphone man, and no one would be able to hear one another. Sanders was right. At the time of his writing social media was just beginning to take root in our society, Facebook was in it’s infancy, and twitter had been founded year prior. As the two social media giants engrossed us all, like perfect dancers, we danced to the megaphone’s noise. This spread gave us all a megaphone and Jon Ronson’s book So You’ve been Publicly Shamed explores just how we have been using it. But while Saunders was right that we would abuse this megaphone and dumb down our society, the hatred and vitriol it has spread in our society is something that he never could have guessed. The book explores public shaming, evens where many individuals attacked a person for trivial reasons, ruining their lives, hurting their future, and scarring them until the day they die. An avalanche of hatred covers and suffocates this person, but not single one of those snowflakes feels responsible, no one of those snowflakes ever thinks how their actions might are hurting the person, nonetheless, the person dies; a life ruined, and not a person to blame. The megaphone and the distraction it causes allows some to excuses their actions and do things that would be otherwise reprehensible. One of
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