The Braindeaed Megaphones ': The Braindead Megaphone' By George Saunders

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Ilana Nadler Prof. Heydt-Minor English 02/12/2017 “The Braindead Megaphone” by George Saunders Imagine; you’re at a party with your friends just having a casual chat, when all of the sudden a man with a megaphone starts yelling about whatever it is he’s thinking about in that moment. How are you and your friends supposed to continue your conversation when all you can hear is this stranger yelling about how much he loves early mornings in spring? George Saunders begins his essay “The Braindead Megaphone” with this exact scenario - the megaphone being used as a metaphor. Saunders uses the metaphor of the megaphone to depict, and further - criticize the way news media has been corrupted and how this impacts the people that have become subject…show more content…
The sheer volume of his voice affects each of the partygoers and their conversations because they can’t produce any original thoughts over the musings of the man with the megaphone. This man and his megaphone serve as a symbol for the news media that influences and encompasses everyday life. The Megaphone is so loud and omnipresent that no one can ignore it, in fact it becomes all people can hear or talk about. Saunders refers to it as “brain dead’ because it places value on entertaining news instead of informative news and drastically simplifies complicated issues over and over again, thus desensitizing people to it’s stupidity. In his essay Saunders describes this by…show more content…
Saunders criticizes the megaphone, claiming it places priority on entertaining, profitable news as opposed to news that is educational or enlightening. Saunders furthers this claim by arguing that news media is habitually over-simplifying complicated issues, thus desensitizing the masses to stupidity and frivolity. Saunders’ essay is important because although it was published in 2007, it is still relevant (and will most likely be relevant as long as media exists). In fact, the points he makes in this essay are even more relatable now, as social media has increased greatly in popularity. Everywhere you look, there is a new “breaking story” about the Kardashians or the Jenners; and people accept this as real news! Saunders’ essay encourages readers to be critical of mass media and seek out undiluted, uncontaminated, earnest news

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