The Branches Of Government And The Legal System

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The Branches of Government
HRM 322
Raniesha Battle
University of Mount Olive

In this research paper, my goal is to explain how legislative, regulatory, and judicial systems work to define the equal employment opportunity. This will be better for managers in human resources who can better manage their workers by following and using the legal system. If human resource managers enforce the legal system in the workplace effectively they will have a competitive advantage. An enforcement agency that has a large effect on Human Resource Management is the Equal Employment opportunity Commission; it covers a broad range of responsibilities a Human Resource manager would cover. The office of Federal contract compliance programs is another enforcement agency that will be covered separately in the research. Implementing the legal system along with some factors from the EEOC and the OFCCP with definitely ensure the competitive advantage in your business.
The legal System
The legal system is created within the Constitution; the power of the legal system has been separated into three branches known as the separation of powers. The legal affects Human Resource Management in two categories. The Constitution delineates a citizen’s constitutional rights, in which the government cannot impinge. The fourteenth Amendment is not popular however in has a major effect on Human Resource Management practices. It is named the equal protection clause and articulates that all…
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