The Branding Campaign Of Quest A Non Alcoholic Energy Drink

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This essay will analyse the branding campaign of Quest a non alcoholic energy drink. It will first justify the key elements of the brand name and positioning statement, it will then go on to describe the consumer profile using the three following criteria Demographics, Psychographics and Behavioural. Then will determine and understand the purchasing process the customer will go through to receive the product, giving the ability to determine the target audience of the brand. The assessment will then go on to discuss the brand fingerprint, explaining in detail what makes Quest unique and how it will differentiate from the competition with a strong unique selling point. Finally it will discuss where and when quest through use of advertisement, endorsements and partnerships.

The energy drinks market is a highly competitive market making it difficult for new brands to compete with the larger corporations such as, Monster Energy who are partnered with the Coca Cola Company (The Coca-Cola Company, 2015) holding 39% of the market and Red-bull who have the largest share at 42% (Mitchell, 2015). This means that a unique entry to market is required to initially stand out in the market, as the target consumers for the leading energy drink brands are generally interested in sports, the brand will be focusing on the gaming community. This led to the brand name Quest to capture interest in the gaming community, Quest aims to fill a gap in the market where other sports related energy

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