The Brave Beowulf

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The Brave Beowulf The legend of Beowulf tells about a hero who possesses bravery, strength, courage, and the desire to achieve immortality through legend. Beowulf, the son of Healfdane, saves countless lives by slaying evil creatures with his mighty strength. He comes to Herot with intentions of extinguishing the demon terrorizing their hall. The first demon, Grendel, terrorized and slaughtered men in Herot hall at night. With no success defeating the creature, the soldiers were hopeless until Beowulf came with his army. Beowulf planned to rid Herot of Grendel with no weapons but his hands. That night, when Grendel attacked, Beowulf fought him fearlessly. The monster tried to flee, but could not escape Beowulf’s mighty grip. Pg.51 line 389
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