The Brave New World Essay

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The Brave New World has a lot of complexity and topics that are still relevant in the 21st Century. Throughout the novel one of the themes that caught my attention was how the World State uses social programing to structure their society. The society is being taught not to think about change, follow orders, have a sexual life, and be happy by using soma. Sexuality is all over the book to the point were it got uncomfortable. The following quote explains how Fanny is having a conversation with Lenina about how she has been feeling out of sorts. “I’ve been feeling rather out of sorts lately - Dr. Wells advised me to have a Pregnancy Substitute. But my dear you are only nineteen the first Pregnancy Substitute isn’t compulsory till twenty-one” (Huxley, 38). “Dr. Wells says that a three months Pregnancy Substitute now will make all the difference to my health for the next three or four years” (39, Huxley). When Fanny mentioned that she is feeling "out of sorts” it is interpreted to suggest she is not feeling sexual, which could probably related to her menstruation cycle. Franny situation is viewed with a negative light everyone in that society should always feel a sexual desire. Franny believes that she had to tell the doctor that she was not feeling any sexual desire when in reality she had the right to think otherwise. She thought it was the right thing to do, to be happy. In Human and Behavior B.F. Skinner speaks about how to maintain a behavior. Skinner mentions how the term

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