The Bravery of Nelson Mandela

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“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others” (, 2011). Bravery is a phrase topped up with numerous connotations. Bravery is to stand your ground and gaze worry in the face and overcome the unrealistic. One will not face their fears or display anyone can be a champion, but it is the brave and audacious hearted actions of an individual that divides them from other amateurs that cannot fit the recount. Not anything in life is free or arrives without trying. In alignment to be brave, a person should have courageous, persistent, and honest Nelson Mandela, the previous leader of South Africa, did not choose to take an easy walk to flexibility. Mandela…show more content…
Like any other citizen seeing their people being mistreated, “The injustice infuriated Mandela—and catapulted him into action” ( Winfrey, 2001). Nelson Mandela and other actvists "fought long and hard against this discrimination" (, 2012) . He had to endure the impossible to maintain the justice in his country. Mandela’s country was his main priority, he wanted to get rid of all racial discrimination. Mandela was part of the ANC. The African Nationwide Congress which was South Africa’s national liberation movement. But unlike other activists instead of enduring violence as a mean of unity he chose a different route. For this exact cause, Nelson Mandela was highly regarded and a figure for the South African people. Brian Walden had this to say “In the revolution led by Mandela to transform a model of racial division and oppression into an open democracy, he demonstrated that he didn't flinch from taking up arms, but his real qualities came to the fore after his time as an activist” (Brink, 1998). Mandela wasn’t the type to person to kill or hurt anyone, he believed strictly peaceful protest, he used wisdom and bravery to explain his problem.
The moment the ANC was ostracised then Mandela searched to execute activity and to halt the injustice. "Over his 27 years in jail, Nelson Mandela became the symbol of an entire people's struggle against injustice"
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