The Brazil Police Force

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In the Brazil Police Force there is a large problem with police corruption. The corrupt police take on a life of crime because of poor education, lack of money, and lack of positive hopes for the future. This is due to a large amount of the police force coming from the poorer areas of the country where they have little access to education. The officers are poorly paid, poorly trained, and poorly equipped to deal with the high-risk situations they face on an everyday basis. To counter the problems they face many officers resort to corruption in order to make money. Brazil’s police facilities are old, lack computer systems and some lack the most basic of amenities including air conditioning. Communication between institutions in the police force is minimum and causes problems when attempting to get all the work done. “In areas like the favelas in Rio de Janeiro there is an agreement between corrupt officers and drug dealers that exist. The dealers give a percentage of their profits to officers.” (“Corrupt Police and,” 2013) Due to this corruption communities suffer abuse by both gangs and officers as they deal with the existence of violence and a growing drug problem. The favelas in Rio de Janeiro are a leader in police corruption, drug trafficking, and other criminal activities. The favelas in Rio de Janeiro are communities in need that have suffered from abandonment of the government and the rest of the population. They are seen as a cause of social problems due to the
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