The Brazilian Culture Of Brazil Essay

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Much like the U.S., Brazilian culture is extremely diverse. Brazil’s current population of 190 million represents various nationalities from European to African (Country Facts). Brazil has an extremely diverse culture with some common pervasive threads that grouped together give Brazil a national identity.
The concept of aesthetics describes what people of certain cultures tend to consider to be popular or in good taste (Wild & Wild, 2014). To this extent, despite being mostly unified by a single language, Brazil represents such a diverse culture that regional aesthetic variances could almost seem like they were different countries altogether (Castano, Goossens, Terlouw, and Vliet, n.d.). According to Encyclopedia Britannica, of all the cultures that make up the Brazilian way of life, the Portuguese culture is the dominant influence and provides the main language, religion, and many customs. Indigenous Indians and African influences are also apparent in some forms, especially in certain parts of the country.
If one were to ask a Brazilian what symbols they feel would represent the culture of Brazil, states that most in the country would view soccer, family, and the four-day national party called Carnival as the symbols of Brazil’s passion and free spirit. Values are those ideas and beliefs to which people are emotionally attached (Wild & Wild, 2014), and to that end Brazilians have a very strong focus on family. Families in Brazil are typically large,
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