The Break Up Film Review

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Brandi Hill Interpersonal Comm. Professor Langston 3 April 2013 1. In the movie “The Break Up”, Gary and Brooke go through relational stages. Initiating: This was first seen at the baseball game, when he tries to give her a hot dog, and after the game he insists on taking her on a date. Experimenting: This is seen when Brooke tells a customer, “picking art is like picking a mate” Intensifying: You could see at the beginning of the movie that they were in a loving, fun relationship by the pictures of them and their friends. It was always the two of them together. Integrating: At this stage of the relationship they purchased the condo. Bonding: This Bonding was not really seen in the movie itself but once again it could…show more content…
Neither of them wanted to leave. 2. Friends and family are supposed to helpful during a break up. In this movie Gary and Brooke’s friends and family were supportive and non-supportive. Brooke’s sister was her main support during the break up. Even though her brother did stop over to the condo with his singing friends, just to add fuel to the fire. Gary had his bar buddy to support him; yeah his ideas were not the greatest, when he mentioned they need to get someone neither of them knows to “handle” the problem. 3. The styles of conflict that can be seen in the movie are: Competition: This can be seen when she is going on a date and Gary invites her friend to play a game with him. Collaboration: This was seen at the end of the movie when they said what they could have done differently. Compromise: The only compromise in this break up was when they can to the agreement that his room was now the living room. Avoidance: This was huge in this movie; they could not stand the sight of one another. They did what they had to do to avoid one another. Accommodation: Neither of them wanted to accommodate one another, it was either Brooke’s way or no way. The most effective style of conflict in this movie should have
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