The Break-Up Movie Analysis

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The film starts off with the protagonists’ encounter in a baseball tournament. Invitation communication begins with Gary asking Brooke if she would like to have a hotdog. On relationship meaning level, it reflects Gary’s interest in knowing Brooke. By the end of the tournament, Gary tries to ask her out, exploring the possibilities for a relationship with her. Despite Brooke calling him “crazy”, she still chuckles and responds to Gary’s pick-up lines, hinting that Brooke is not totally uninterested. It is quickly followed by the opening credits with intimate photos that captured the intensifying communication stage between the protagonists. Their long term commitment takes the form of cohabitation, thus completing the escalation phase of…show more content…
They should show empathy for their partner, and give interpersonal confirmation by endorsement. Instead than exiting completely, the protagonists could take a time out and bring the issue back to the table when both parties are ready. However, instead of coming to a resolution, they enter the social support process by telling their friends about their problems. (This shows that Gary and Brooke lack of communication with each other and might possibly lead to a breakup.)From their conversation, we could infer the conflict management style the protagonists predominately adopt. Brooke seems to take on the competing style as she puts the blames on Gary, hoping that Gary will change and “he’s gonna come home and apologize.” Initially, Gary avoided conflict by moving into the living room. He then wilfully irritates Brooke with his behaviours, expressing his disagreement in an indirect manner that shuts down discussion. This puts them in a demand-withdrawal sequence, where Brooke makes demand on Gary to apologize, and Gary avoids it by withdrawing. As they each “punctuate” the cause of the conflict differently, they blame the other party for their behaviours. However, when Gary tries to salvage the situation, Brooke makes it difficult by embarrassing him publicly during the couple bowling competition. They even attack each other family members by using the information disclosed in their earlier stage of the relationship, thus

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