The Break Up - Movie Interpersonal Communication Essay

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Final Paper: Convince Me!/The Break-Up
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For your final paper, you must convince me that you learned in this class. How? Keep reading….
Watch the film, “The Break-Up” (starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston). This film displays every concept we have learned about:
The Communication Process, Conflict, Nonverbal Communication, Verbal Communication, Perception and more.
You may rent this if you like. But, you may view the film for free on the NCC Library Database, “Swank Films”. Here is the link: How should I approach this paper?
Good question! Here’s my suggestion. Browse through the
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Although this paper uses a mainstream movie, at all times you should use scholarly writing and language throughout the paper.
Be sure to use the formal names of concepts/theories used in the lecture/textbook.
(i.e.: DO NOT say: “They were poor listeners in that scene. So, I feel that they should have listened better.” Another no-no would be, “He was so mean to her. So, I definitely think that should break-up”.)
A good example would be (In this example, I’m using pretend names/scenes. And, this is just a partial explanation of a theory): In “x” scene, John is not displaying effective listening. According to Inter-Act’s chapter, Listening Effectively, listening is, “the process of receiving, constructing meaning from, and responding to spoken and/or nonverbal messages” (Verderber and
Verderber 196). From the basic definition to the Active Listening Process outlined in this chapter, John fails on all accounts. He is watching television while Janet is speaking to him about a serious topic. Therefore, he is displaying poor eye contact and is truly not physically and mentally ready to attend (204). He interrupts her several times, clearly not making the shift from speaker to listener a complete one, leaving no basis for understanding the message being sent.

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