The Break Up

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Effective communication is one of the most important things to maintain a happy relationship. Communication will help to create a better atmosphere and to know what are the interests, thoughts and feelings of your loved one. All romantic relationships need a lot of communications from both sides. The main factor is interpersonal communication, which couples are able to overlap environments and create a relationship. We reviewed the movie “The Breakup” and have found the concepts of Integrating, differentiating, and terminating. This movie shows how ineffective communication can dissolve a relationship. The lack of communication is the main factor why Brooke and Gary break up. This couple tends to rely on other people instead
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In this stage is where the “me” messages begin to occur forgetting about the “we” orientation. (Alder, 2012) One evening Brook and Gary become having arguments in the dinner in front of all their family. The argument begins because Gary wanted to get a pool table in the condo, Brooke didn’t agree with him and a conflict begins. Both of them begin to start talking about their own interests, forgetting about the interest of them as a couple.
The third concept we choose to write on is Terminating. According to the book Looking Out Looking In, terminating is the stage where relationships deteriorate until they reach their final stage. Not all relationships end, many of the marriages last for a lifetime, but other relationships have the desire to dissociate. (Alder, 2012) Like it was the case of the movie, Brooke decides to terminate the relationship because she felt that there is nothing much left. She believed that Gary did care much about her. But the problem really was that both of them didn’t find a way to communicate effectively. Although Brooke and Gary loved each other very much it was impossible for them to be together because of the lack of communication.
Description of the film. According to Claudio Carvalho, The Break-up, was written by Jeremy Garelick and Jay Lavender and it was directed by Peyton Reed. The main producer of this movie was Stuart M. Beeser, and the main stars were Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. This movie was released on

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