The Breakdown Of A Personality

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This paper will be focusing on the breakdown of a personality in every single way possible. Personality is a topic that involves multiple theories and developments. The breakdown of each development and theory will help have a better understanding for unanswered questions for many people. In this paper there will be included the theories of Sigmund Freud, Abraham Maslow, and Carl Rogers. The developments within this paper will show the works of how a personality is developed and classified. It will show the steps of how each person is made into an individual and how each individual may have something in common. The theories will show how the developments even came about and how the studying and research have answered the unanswered…show more content…
Finding out the five factors of the person is now one of the most influential ways and is the key to figuring out a person and their personality.
Classifying traits
Before going straight into the five factors, there are things that come before that stage such as predicting the behavior of a person. When it comes to the behavior of a person there are two labels that can define them which are “introvert” or “extrovert.” Introverts are known as people who do not do well with social interaction and extrovert is the opposite, the people who are comfortable with social interaction. Introversion and extroversion are thought of as a trait which leads into the classifying of traits.
Trait theories
Classifying traits of a person include common traits, individual traits, cardinal traits, central traits, secondary traits, surface traits, and source traits. Each of these traits is a trait that adds up and defines a person and their personality. Common traits are characteristics that tell people from a certain culture and share what their similarities are. Individual traits are the classification of persons’ unique qualities. Cardinal traits are the basic trait that leads to the actual trait the person is classified as. These traits then lead into central and secondary traits and most people don’t quite understand how they differ from cardinal traits. Central traits are known as the building blocks of a
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