The Breakdown Of Continuum Care

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First, it’s called continuum care system, it deals with tracking and keeping in contact with a patient over time and to follow them thru their health care services. The breakdown of continuum care is extended care, acute hospital care, ambulatory care, home care, outreach, wellness and housing. It could follow a patient from birth to the end of life. The services could be acute healthcare, hospital, emergency, inpatient services, outpatient services, urgent care, skilled nursing home, rehab, home care visiting nurse services, hospices, wellness care, public health and care management and research. The components are what services the patient needs from birth to end of life. These components are prenatal care, behavioral illness, newborn care, preventive care, healthy lifestyle, acute illness acute injury and rehab. The main challenge would be the improving of health care and managing any health care problems that might come up. A lot of the process as to do with the environment the patient lives in(In Information Infrastructure for Healthcare INFORMATION INFRASTRUCTURE FOR HEALTHCARE.). All this depends on the patient, do they want treatment, do they want to stay healthy and do they have the resources to get treatment and do they want to stay healthy. These patients will have to be followed from birth to the end, so do they want that. That is the challenge keeping these patients healthy but keeping contact with them to maintain that wellness. Another challenge is helping

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