Essay on The Breakdown of Mental Health and Stability

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The Breakdown of Mental Health and Stability

Progress has always been an essential component in modern society. At times it is equivalent to success, learning, and overall growth. In the field of science, progress is measured by comparisons to what was known before, what is known now, and what can be known in the future. Therefore, one could say that much progress was made in the field of science in terms of understanding the functions of the human brain and some of its behavior. It seems that as each new day passes, something new is discovered about the brain, whether it be a new mental or physiological brain condition, or merely a link and clue to one of the vast number of questions the world has considering the human brain and
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There are numerous studies linking stress with a multitude of health problems, many with a neurobiological connection. One of the biggest things stress takes it's toll upon is the immune system. The impact of stress on physical health is clearly evident, as it has been reported that ninety percent of all doctor's visits are due to stress-related ailments and stress-related disorders. Chronic acute stress leads to a shift in the balance of one's biochemistry, one symptom being suppressed serotonin.(1) It has become common knowledge that most clinically diagnosed cases of depression are treated with serotonin drugs, believing that the cause of the depression is a lack of that cerebral hormone. Depression appears to be one of the conditions that is on the rise and is given specific attention by the scientific and psychological community.

There is a specific way in which the body responds to stress. Doctor's call this reaction General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS). The process itself has the potential to enter several stages, depending on how the individual responds and reacts to certain levels of stress. When the stress is first triggered, the brain initiates 1400 different responses, including the dumping of a variety of chemicals into the blood stream. Usually it is adrenaline or some kind of chemical, which gives the body a boost of energy to temporarily give it the
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