The Breakfast Club : A Perfect Source For The Study Of Communication Theory

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The film, “The Breakfast Club” is a perfect source for the study of communication theory. It possesses the potential for numerous conversations regarding theories that even the most basic scholar of communication could discuss. For example, there are countless displays of symbolic convergence, symbolic interactionism, relational dialectics, cathartic scenes, identification, and social comparison. When viewing this movie it is hard to ignore these theories being put into practice. They constitute the framework of the relations within the film and serve to facilitate the underlying plot. While these theories each encompass separate meanings, they interweave with one another to create the final product; what the viewer sees and can subsequently dissect using common communication theory. While these theories will be addressed separately, it is crucial to recall the significance that these theories are only able to produce when intertwined with one another. One of the most egregious communication theories displayed heavily throughout the film is the idea of symbolic convergence. The very root of this theory rests on the idea that humans connect with one another through shared meaning of an event, object, or otherwise stated “thing”. There are countless displays of this theory throughout the film, both for the characters in the movie and the viewers on the outside alike. For the characters within the movie, symbolic convergence happens when they are dancing. Even though these

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