The Breakfast Club Analysis

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Don’t Skip Breakfast!

The Breakfast Club is a timeless movie centered around the very relevant concept of discovering your identity and breaking away from stereotypes. It is about a group of 5 defiant high school students who are all forced to spend their Saturday in detention. The five main characters include Claire (Molly Ringwald) the princess, Brian (Anthony Michael Hall) the brain, Andrew (Emilio Estevez) the jock, Allison (Ally Sheedy) the weirdo, and John Bender (Judd Nelson) the criminal. These students have very different personalities and very little in common- or so they think. The five are stuck together under the oppressive authority of Richard Vernon (Paul Gleason) the Principal, who served as a common enemy for the students. Their sole task for that Saturday was to write an essay describing who they are, a question that remained pondered for the duration of the film as The Breakfast Club is an iconic story of self discovery.
WHAT WORKED The Breakfast Club did an excellent job of capturing the strife of students as they try and find themselves through their adolescent years. They have all been cast a different stereotype and at the beginning of the movie it is clear that all of the characters have a fairly decent idea of who they think everyone is. Every viewer can relate to at least one of the various stereotypes, and I think your overall enjoyment of the movie will depend on how easily you can identify with one of the characters. Their stereotypes are

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