The Breakfast Club And Teen Identity

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Ethan Wynne
English 101
Sam Lackey
October 2, 2014
The Breakfast Club and Teen Identity
The movie The Breakfast Club takes viewers on a comedic tour of the ups and downs of adolescence. The Breakfast Club, directed by John Hughes, focuses on the events that unfold between five very different high school students during a Saturday detention. Even though the movie was shot in the 1980 's the characters portrayal is still relatable in a way to a lot of people today. Director John Hughes takes us on a comedic ride with what seems like another typical "teen movie" while still portraying a few life lessons along the way and exposing some truths behind stereotyping. Anyone who has ever been a high school student can probably find some way to relate to the characters in the film. The movie revolves around 5 students who for various reasons have been sent to Saturday detention by principle Vernon. The principle asks each of the students to write a one-page paper on who they think they are. As the day progresses, we see the teens begin to bond with each other and find out about each other and themselves. The film begins by introducing each of the five characters. John Hughes gives us five common archetypes with each of his characters including: a jock, a popular princess, a geek, a criminal, and basket case. These generic characters make it easier for the audience to relate to one of the characters in the film. Andy, the jock, is the generic high school athlete, or so it seems.
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