The Breakfast Club By John Hughes Essay

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In 1985 a movie by the name of The Breakfast Club directed by John Hughes blew up movie screens; it portrayed 5 main actors of all different cliques who come to realize they are alike despite a few differences. John Bender, was one of the main character, he is an adolescent with an aggressive attitude. He is subject to domestic abuse by his father, and is a drug user, storing marijuana in his locker. As a result, he makes himself look tough. He has long, untamed hair and shaggy clothes. Overall, he is perceived as a “bad boy”, but as the movie goes on viewers are able to see that he isn’t so much of a “bad” person but actually a child hiding his pain behind his looks. John Bender is much like the narrator of the short story “Greasy Lake” who states “We were bad. We read Andre Gide and struck elaborate poses to show we didn’t give a shit about anything. “(425). However, the narrator is not actually bad, but puts up a front to make people think that he is. As critic Dominick writes in his article “The youths in this story are clearly rebels without much cause and without much real need for rebellion. They are clearly not the genuinely bad characters they think they are…” (5) Grace is correct in his analysis that the narrator and his friends are not “genuinely bad” ( 5). In the beginning of the story, the narrator and his friends believe that their clothes and attitude qualify them to be seen as tough and dangerous; however, the events at Greasy Lake illustrate that they are

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