The Breakfast Club By John Hughes

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“From the neon-sign opening titles to the derivative angst of the dialogue, it 's a touchstone of '80s pop culture, and a schizophrenic one, too.” This could only be describing the John Hughes classic film, The Breakfast Club. This film follows five high school students from different ends of the social spectrum coming together and finding themselves. The Breakfast Club is a perfect representation self-concepts and social perceptions- how difficult it can be to figure out who you are and what it is like to discover true reality. This paper illustrates part of the students’ journey and what concepts they utilized to figure out that each of them is a brain, a basket case, an athlete, a princess and criminal.
The Self-Image is the idea that one has of their abilities, appearance and personality but it does not necessarily reflect reality. It is influenced by parents, friends, social media, etc. The “Who Are You?” essay that principal Vernon assigns the group depicts the idea of self-image particularly well. The students describe themselves by their social roles from the get-go a brain, athlete, basket case, princess and a criminal. They immediately confirm the distinctiveness theory, only acknowledging what makes them different. Self-esteem refers to the extent to which we like, accept or approve of ourselves, or how much we value ourselves. Claire portrays an aura of high self-esteem. She has a positive view of herself and who she is. Typically someone with high self-esteem

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