The Breakfast Club By John Hughes

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The Breakfast Club
Noah Lane
Ivy Tech Community College

Abstract This paper is why everyone should watch The Breakfast Club. It tells a story of four teenagers battling with rebellion, drama, and love. Most critics will argue that it is not realistic, and no teenager is like that. However, The Breakfast Club written by John Hughes made teens everywhere relate to at least one of these characters. This movie is a dramatic comedy that will make someone laugh, cry, and angry all brought together in one amazing film.

The Breakfast Club The Breakfast Club, starring Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, and many other great actors is a fantastic teen comedy. This movie had great humor along with heart warming love. It is almost impossible to name one bad thing about this movie. The Breakfast Club is jammed packed full of comedy, drama, and rebellion. These four high school students represent every cliche in the 1980s school life. As typical as this may sound for a teen comedy the plot takes a twist. This movie is not the usual teen comedy in any way. These four students will soon realize that they each have something in common. Each of the kids parents don 't treat them fairly or don 't even notice them. It is ironic at first, because they think that they have figure each person out and they know everything about them. But soon into the movie they quickly realize they are all too similar. This movie takes place in a high school in Shermer, Illinois.

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