The Breakfast Club, By John Hughes

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High school, the stage of life when young adults begin to learn of their place in society and the lessons of life. The harsh conditions of being thrown into an ocean of peer pressure, social status, world issues and varying opinions causes rapid growth to occur. Some gather into groups, called cliques, to overcome these hardships, while others fight them head on by themselves. In the coming to age movie, The Breakfast Club, five different high school teenagers are forced to be together one Saturday morning and afternoon in detention. Brian Johnson the brain, Andrew Clarke the athlete, Allison Reynolds the basket case, Claire Standish the princess and John Bender the criminal, are all forced to be caged together and think about who they…show more content…
If teenagers do not establish a high self esteem for themselves, then they will not believe they are worthy. Brian even says, “When I look in at myself and see me…I don’t like what I see. I really don’t” (Hughes). This proves that Brian has extremely low self-esteem levels, which causes him to believe he is not worthy to live the life he has. Self esteem is very important to how a teenager sees themselves and the confidence they retain. In addition, by utilizing a non-verbal communication technique, like artifacts, these students can show the world their definition of themselves through clothing and accessories (Dinerstein). For example, Andrew wears a varsity jacket to show he wrestles for the high school team, while Bender wears leather gloves, piercings and a jean jacket to show he is a delinquent (Hughes). These artifacts demonstrate how each teenager perceives themselves and how they want to express their hobbies and personality to society. Sadly, most teenagers end up fulfilling their self-fulfilling prophesy, which dictates the way a child will act based on society’s expectations (Dinerstein). Andrew feels the most pressure to follow in his father’s footsteps and fulfill this prophesy, exclaiming to Allison, “I’m not a winner cause I want to be one” (Hughes). This exclamation shows that Andrew feels like the choice of who he wants to
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