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The Breakfast Club, released in 1985 by director John Hughes, is a film about five high school students, from different social groups, and their bond over shared worries and issues in Saturday morning detention. These students show the two main issues of high school students: peer pressure and family issues. The film examines the effects of these issues on student’s everyday life and view on the world. Some of these effects include bullying, contemplation of suicide, drugs, and depression. In each of the characters, The Breakfast Club shows these negative effects on teenagers and examines the concept of adulthood and fitting in from an adolescent perspective. But not only that, The Breakfast Club condemns the existence of these problems…show more content…
Brian is insulted by this notion because he is aware that everyone has issues, regardless of who they are. Claire is pressured by her friends to act “cool”. Brian is pressured by his friends to be smart. Although Bender believes that he is outside of social norms, he conforms to them just like everyone and is pressured to be “above it all” and lax. John Hughes wanted all teens to know that although everyone has problems, and in moving past our apparent differences, we can bond.
Each character is a representative of the various social hierarchies in a high school setting and although each of their problems are specific to their individual lifestyle, they all overarch and connect with the others. A famous scene of The Breakfast Club is the floor sharing scene, when all of the pretense is stripped away and all that is left are five scared high schoolers wanting to be better in life. In this scene, the effects of peer pressure are shown. When asked on why he was in detention, the athlete Andrew stated that he had “taped a guy’s buns together.” He explained that he did it as a prank, under the direction of his friends, but the joke soon took a dark turn. When stripping off the tape, hair and skin was removed as well. His friends and even his father did not see the issue as the subject of his cruelty was someone

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