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After analyzing the classic movie, The Breakfast Club it is safe to say that the characters in the movie got a little more out of detention than they were thinking. When the five characters, who are very much different from each other, all found out they were going to be forced to spend their Saturday together writing an 1000 word essay on “who [they] think they are”, you can imagine their initial reaction. Little did they know that spending the day all together would allow them to better understand their identity and sense of self as well as further understand the importance of adolescence; the time between childhood and adulthood. Like mentioned above, the characters in this movie are all have different personalities hence the fact that…show more content…
Now it makes sense to why John would constantly offend and pick on other characters. In addition to John Bender another character who experiences difficulty finding her own identity is Claire Standish; who was sent to Saturday’s detention for shopping during class but it didn’t cause much of an issue to Claire’s father. Claire is sought out to be a “conceited snobby rich prom princess” throughout the movie, making it challenging for the characters to get to fully know her before making assumptions. In the movie, one character named Brian (also know as the “brain”) often cracks jokes regarding Claire’s other popular friends as well as her intimate life. After having enough of Brian’s nonsense, Claire becomes frustrated and shouts out “I hate having to go along with everything my friends say!” Claire is subjecting that statement to hopefully allow each character in the room to understand that she is tired of being stereotyped with her friends and that she would rather be seen as an individual and not with her group. Many adolescents in today’s society can relate to Claire as they also have not found their identity; or the answer to the popular question of “Who Am I?” The process of finding one’s identity is related to the exploration of peer groups and to James Marcia's Identity Achievement. Claire would fall under James's classification of Identity Moratorium; meaning that Claire did not feel content

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