The Breakfast Club Jaws And Star Wars Analysis

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The Breakfast Club, Jaws, Star Wars. Major films that have reached the utmost level of recognition. They have become iconic in the film industry, and culturally consecrated by society. The films society deems worthy of such a recognition have shifted over the years, due to how society has shifted. Due to their popularity, it raises the question if movies which involve superheros could ever rise to such a title. If they can, which ones would be able to hold this honor? All of them? Only a select few that hold a strong following? Wonder Woman, one of the newest superhero films from Warner Brothers and DC comics has not only the ability to rise to this level, but also to stake its claim in the film industry to be used as inspiration later on…show more content…
The author was happy for the change of pace from dark and brooding comic based films, however they felt it did revert back to it at the climax of the movie. Another professional, Angelica Baston, said that the film was very well done and brought Wonder Woman into a good standing not only as a good superhero movie but also a very good feminist movie in general. The two professional reviews saw the film as good, that it made superhero movies better. But the amatuer reviews, while not as wordy, tended to state the same beliefs that it was a good film. One review from audience member, Michael S, said “Completely charming, wondrous, lovingly crafted, and even progressive in the way it tackles dark, violent subject matter seriously as a backdrop to what are more traditional superheroics.” Another amateur, Delania B, says “Different from any other film based on DC Comics, Wonder Woman exemplifies the power one woman can have on the world.” She thought the film was amazing and had a similar view to Angelica Baston. All of the reviwers, professional and amatuer, had views on the film that coincided. In society we will look at both. The professional, for how the film was by film standards, and the amatuer for the personal standards. In reality, the only parts of the original definition that are still relevant are being either “selected among the ten best films of the year by either the New York Times or the National Board of Review, or [being] among the top ten

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