The Breakfast Club Movie Analysis

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The Breakfast Club was written, directed, and produced by John Hughes. The film was released February 15, 1985 which happened to be three days before his 35th birthday. The film stared the likes of Emilio Esteves (Andrew Clark), Anthony Michael Hall (Brian Johnson), Judd Nelson (John Bender), Molly Ringwald (Claire Standish), Ally Sheedy (Allison Reynolds), and Paul Gleason (Richard Vernon). The Breakfast Club is about five stereotypical high school students serving detention together, we have Andrew Clark, the athlete, Brian Johnson, the brain, John Bender, the criminal, Claire Standish, the princess, Allison Reynolds, the basket case, and Richard Vernon, the power abusing principal. The story starts out with the five students being dropped off by their parents. They all enter the library to begin their dreaded detention and this is where we meet the antagonist of the story, Richard Vernon. All five students immediately judge each other and from their first impressions none of them are friendly with each other, but they do have a common enemy in the principal. While they do not like each other, they protect the others from getting in trouble since they all hate Vernon. They eventually roam the halls to go to Bender’s locker to get his marijuana and as they are heading back the see Vernon walking back to the library and they get into an argument on which way to go to get back before Vernon. They choose the wrong way and Bender decides to take one for the team and distract Vernon. Vernon catches him and locks him in his office but Bender escapes through the vents. They all smoke Bender’s marijuana and connect on a deeper level with each other. They all realize that each one of them has their own problems that they are dealing with. Claire ends up kissing and possibly dating Bender and Allision and Andrew end up possibly dating as well. While Brian is left with no one. They all left detention that Saturday different than when they entered. That Saturday changed their lives forever.
The course theme that we are discussing during this movie is High School. The is presented throughout the whole entire film since the film revolves around five high school students in detention. This provides a different aspect to
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