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The Breakfast Club

Almost 150 years ago, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., expressed the following sage but sad observation in his book "The Professor at the Breakfast Table": Society is always trying in some way or other to grind us down to a single flat surface. Unfortunately, this is still true today. Last week I saw the movie "The Breakfast Club" written and directed by John Hughes which expressed a similar theme. Fortunately, youth of every age "are quite aware of what they are going through" and have the ability to break the fast imposed on them by the socialization process which begins in the home and is reinforced at school, not only by students and parents but teachers like Mr. Vernon as well.

In "The Breakfast Club" five
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So he rebells and becomes the "criminal". John has been labeled for life. Mr. Verner yells at him, "See what he'll be like in 5 years." It is ironic that he has developed such a cynical outlook on life, yet he possesses such a keen insight into others' personalities. However, there is a spark of hope for him. Although obnoxious and intolerable, the others do not expose him as the guilty party for removing the screw and closing the door. And he takes the fall to save the others when they wander the halls. His first target is Claire.

The first thing out of the Princess's mouth is " can't believe you can't get me out of this". And the first impression we get is "spoiled brat". She would rather be shopping this Saturday morning. Her yuppie father drops her off in his yuppie Beamer. She doesn't belong in Detention. Her role is winning popularity contests. She is the most popular student in school and is so "lovable". Except at home where she is treated as an object her parents use to get back at one another.

The Jock is raised in the image of his father. According to his father, there is nothing wrong in screwing around as long as you don't get caught. As the Basketcase describes him, "He can't make his own decisions". He tortures a student by taping his buns not because he wants to, but because he thinks he can win his father's approval. His coach and father expect him to be a winner.

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