The Breakfast Club Vs. Perks Of Being A Wallflower

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The Breakfast Club vs. The Perks of Being a Wallflower In high school, social hierarchy is typically determined by perceived popularity. Adolescents experience many emotional, biological and cognitive changes during this time. Teenagers struggle with their identity as social acceptance becomes an increasingly important factor in their lives. Cliques are formed in high school as a representation of a small group of people with common interests. Cliques are joined mostly by girls because it gives them a sense of security and confidence they may otherwise lack, but boys are known to join cliques as well. Cliques provide adolescents with a strong sense of self worth and can in fact help one grow as an individual, sharing common interests and values. Adolescents who appear with high social power tend to have similar qualities and group together. Those who are less popular tend to isolate themselves more while befriending others with a similarly low social status. Often times, those who are socially dominant are generally “more influential, daring, physically attractive and socially appropriate.” (Closson 3) Cliques can foster community in a group of close-knit individuals. Different types of cliques provide adolescents with an opportunity to group together with those with similar interests. They allow teenagers to satisfy their psychological needs such as gaining a sense of belongingness and security. Although there are positive aspects of cliques, there is a correlation

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