The Breakfast Club is a Coming-of-Age Film

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The Breakfast Club is a coming of age film about a group of high school kids that have been sentenced to a saturday detention. Each of these kids represents a clique or a stereotype within the average high school demographic. Throughout the film they learn that appearances are not everything and that they share more in common then they are aware. Under the eye of their principal this group struggles to sit through the detention without getting at each others throats, but they somehow manage to form a friendship. This film does a great job of showing some insight on the psyche and the problems that every day high school there’s have to face, but I don’t think it helps people face these problems. This film helps people realize that physical appearances are important in the world, but I don’t know if it will motivate people enough to completely change the way they look. The Breakfast Club had an impact on my perception of society and how physical appearances can have an effect on the treatment people receive on a daily basis. Back in the depression days people would go to the cinemas to escape the harsh realities of the depression. Still today people go to the movies to escape everyday life, but not to the extent of those back in the depression ages. Today’s films are of a different breed they are more spectacle and full of CGI and not about a positive message. The breakfast club however was just another high school coming-of-age story that indirectly showed the audience
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