The Breaking Of Barriers By Elisabeth Israels Perry

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The Americas Dashawn Austin The Breaking of Barriers Women were such central forces in the progressive era and the increase of social cohesion mainly because they were everywhere. They were really dedicated when it came to their jobs, at home, and in their community. Whether them working as domestic workers, in farms, at a factory, or studying at school, women were basically in all areas that required labor intensive skills. They held jobs in manufacturing, offices, classrooms, and stores.Women were also known as strong, central forces in society because of their hard work and determination. They refused to be of little significance to society and wanted to assist in improving and reforming American life. Even though women have been…show more content…
But, sometimes breaking stereotypes only lead to more barriers being made, making it harder for these women to overcome them, however they did. A barrier seen through the Progressive Era was Gender Equality and Power. A woman 's treatment before that time, according to the magazine article “Woman’s Home Companion” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, was identical to slaves. The women of the late 19th century to the early 20h century had, “... not only no voice in the management of the country, but she had no control of her property, earned or inherited;no control of her own children; no control of even her own person...” Gilman even goes further saying, “If that is not a condition of slavery, it bears a close resemblance to it.” Indeed it does. It is shown that these women were being restricted of their natural human rights, trapped and maybe even confined in the shadow and power of men. But, this does not last very long. These women become bold and outspoken and lead a revolt that will change America forever. They will lead the Woman Suffrage Movement. The barrier of power is now broken. It is the Progressive Era and women are no longer backing down.They have dramatically changed and are no longer sitting down and letting men or society have power over them. They have taken charge and have started the woman suffrage movement. This Movement was very necessary and many believed so, it is seen in “Fourteen Reasons for Supporting Women 's
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