The Breast Implants Produced By Poly Implant

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PIP Implant Scandal

1.0 Background
The breast implants produced by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) French company were banned in the year of 2010. PIP which was founded in year 1991 and was once the world’s third largest supplier of silicone gel breast implants was eventually shut down within the same year. This company had illegally produced and marketed the implants using unauthorized industrial grade silicone gel that meant for use in mattresses instead of approved and mandated medical grade silicone gel since year 2001. The implants were widely used across Europe, Britain and South America and estimated about 400, 000 patients in 45 countries around the world with PIP Implants. The scandal was surfaced in year 2009 due to medical device reports from surgeons on the abnormally high rupture rates of the PIP implants than other approved implants. France’s drug and medical safety agency (AFSSAPS) recalled the PIP implants and advised 30,000 women to have their implants removed due to this scandal in subsequent year of 2010.

2.0 Issues with PIP implants
A full recall of PIP implants by French Ministry of Health has sparked a worldwide fear and alert. The implants with cheap and unapproved industrial grade silicone as filler are believed to have higher rupturing rates, though the exact figure varies with each health authority. According to SCENIHR , this filler could weaken the shell of PIP implants with increased risk of gel-leakage and rupture. The silicone gel filing can

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