The Breeding of the Red-Fleshed Apples

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The breeding of the red-fleshed apples was originally from Kazakhstan and improvements of the apple was breed in order for the breeders to produce a apple that has high in Vitamin and as a healthy diet snack. The scientists have collected the apple’s seeds in order to let those seeds to grow in New Zealand. The red-fleshed apples were usually small back in Kazakhstan and it has a different taste which was a bit bitter and had a lack of quality in the commercial marketing. Also they have improved the apple’s taste just by crossing the original red-fleshed apple with another white-fleshed varieties fruit in order to improve the characteristics of the apple since it will be important for commercial and consumer with its long storage life. Generally, the red-fleshed apple will breed in order to improve the quality of the apple and also to provide nutrition which are high in vitamins and antioxidants, which then it reduces the risk of some diseases, but there are some red fleshed apple that can be healthier than other apples that have been produced. Although, breeders are able to use genetic information in order to make the breeding process faster and more effective. By investigating the DNA from the apples seed the scientists are able to predict that many apple characteristics including the red fleshed apple long before the seeds produces fruit, in order to decided which seeds are able to grow well and which can be redundant.

The process that has been done producing the

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