The Breeds Of Canadian Horses

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In 1986, there was a program, which was incited in order to protect rare breeds. The program was named Colonial Williamsburg’s Rare Breeds Program. The program included: Leicester Longwool Sheep, American Cream Draft Horses, Canadian Horses, American Milking Devons, Durham and Devon or Lineback Oxen, Dominique Chickens, Nankin Bantams Chickens, and English Game Fowl. The Leicester Longwool Sheep originally came from Britain, and were then brought over to America. Not only were they exported to America, but to New Zealand, colonies by Crown, and Australia. Leicester Longwool Sheep are known for their long coats, which drape over their body. The American Cream Draft Horses breed actually originated here in the United States of America. This is the rarest breed in the Colonial Williamsburg Program. The Canadian Horses originated in France. They were then exported to Quebec, Canada. These horses were utilized as means of transportation, as well as field work in farms. Canadian Horses are known to be black and brown. American Milking Devon’s milk was used to make butter and cheese. These animals originally came from Britain’s breed Red Devon. The Durham and Devon or Lineback Oxen originally came from England. They were utilized in America as transportation, tractors and for field work in farms. These breeds are also classified as some of the rarest. The Dominique Chickens originated in the United States of America. They work well in winter temperatures. Nankin Bantams Chickens
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