The Bridal Ballad By Edgar Allan Poe

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Do we settle in life; do we choose to be happy with things we truly know will not make us happy? Do we just look for what will pacify or need and wants, or do we truly seek out happiness in life? What do we seek in life, happiness or a pacifier? Edgar Allan Poe 's poem The Bridal Ballad explains the phenomenon of people’s ability to convince ourselves of a reality, which simply does not exist. Poe 's own life experiences helped to build the foundation behind this poem, assisting with the breakdown of the poem the theme of the poem The Bridal Ballad, some of which are obvious and others not as much. Poe is known for his immaculate use of literary devices. Edgar Allan Poe was able to get his point across beautifully; he truly makes the point to make the reader question their happiness in life.
Edgar Allan Poe had one of the most interesting lives; I have ever heard of, he is truly fascinating. According to Sova, (2012) Poe was the rock star of American Literature in the 1830-1840. While he struggled with critics during the early ninetieth century, he was rediscovered in the mid-twentieth century, said Sova. He was born on January 19th, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts said Sova. Sova also went on to say, Poe’s mother was Elizabeth Arnold Hopkins Poe and his father was David Poe, Jr., with two siblings; Bagert, (2008) states that David Poe, Jr. abandoned the family while his mother was pregnant with Poe’s sister. Sova, records show his mother died in 1811 from tuberculosis,…

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