The Bride Price By Bunchi Emecheta

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The Bride Price is a novel written by Nigerian writer Bunchi Emecheta, which addresses the problems of women in post-colonial Nigeria. Published in 1976, it illustrates the life of the Odia family and the hardships that they go through. Bunchi Emecheta is successful in portraying the difficulties that women faced in that time and place. The protagonist, Aku-nna Odia, is an unmarried teenage girl who is kidnapped by Okoboshi Obidi 's family and forced to marry him. Later in the novel, she is “rescued” by Chike, a man that she falls in love with and marries. She is not supposed to be with Chike because it is shameful to her family because he is a descendent of slaves. Aku-Nna later dies in childbirth and Chike is left with his baby, Joy. One of her last statements is that only in death will she win her freedom. Although this novel is a fictional story, Emecheta weaves in semi-autobiographical elements and situations. She illustrates the theme of male dominance and women compliance to men. The men in Nigerian societies are expected to be strong and powerful, while the women are expected to be the opposite. The men act as the head of the family as they are the ones who make all the money and decisions. Women on the other hand were demanded to give birth to healthy males and do household work. In the novel, Ezekiel Odia, the father of the Odia family, works a full-time job at the Loco Yard and when he dies his family is left to fend for themselves. In this culture, it is…

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