The Brides Come to the Yuba City

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"The Brides Come to the Yuba City“

In the poem "The Brides Come to the Yuba City" by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Divakaruri addresses a very critical issue of the Indian society: the arrange marriage system and how the women are affected by it. She addresses this very serious matter in a very cleaver manner. She provides enough evidence to her readers to infer her opposing stance on this issue, however simultaneously she attempts not to offend who support the system. She uses strong but touching language to make her point. Divakurani's mainly focuses on the arrange marriage system in India. The Indian societies even in this modern day highly practice arrange marriage system that has been going around for centuries. In this system,
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The women have to leave their parents’ home where they have spent their entire life. In particular she mentions the wedding night. The wedding night is called Suhag Raat. This is a significant ritual in the life of a newlywed couple in India as it refers to the maiden night after marriage between the husband and wife when they go intimate with physical relationship for the first time with acceptance of the society. A newlywed bride is supposed to everything they can possibly do to please her husband. Interestingly, sex before marriage is a taboo in India thus the brides and grooms are usually virgins until their marriage. Thus in Suhag Raat a bride loses her virginity which may or may not be with her consent. “Like all of us, tonight she will open her legs to him” Divakurani express her feelings in a very moving words. Divakurun's seems to oppose this arrange marriage however she does not directly state her opinion in her poem. “Thirty years/ since we saw them”(15-16) “ Harvinder, married last year/ to her husband’s photo” (17-18)“a later eternity, each receding rung/ cleaved from our husband’s ribs” (7-8) depict her opposition to this system. From all these evidences that Divakurani provides, one can see her altitude towards the arrange marriage system. She certainly is not fond of the system. However she is an American –Indian and her Indian part has played some role in topping her from making a very straight forward

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