The Bridge Of Opportunity Initiative

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The Bridges To Opportunity Initiative helps to ready low-income under skilled adult students to obtain workforce ready skills using community and technical colleges to achieve jobs with livable wages and an educational pathway. (Ford Foundation, n.d.) The Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training (I-Best) works with adults who want to better their basic educational skills to increase employability and the opportunity to advance their education in a career development direction. (Wachen, Jenkins, & Noy, 2011) There are seventy-five million Americans that do not have higher than a high school education or who have not attain a General Education Development/General Equivalent Diploma (GED) the I-Best programs focus on increasing education, gaining employable skills to earn a livable wages. (Wachen, Jenkins, & Noy, 2011) Breaking Through Initiative goal “is to promote the development of practices and policies that connect low-skilled adults (with reading and math skills testing below the eighth-grade level) with postsecondary occupational or technical education”. (Jobs for the Future, 2010)
Completion by Design is a college success program funded by the Gates Foundation to implement student support systems to increase completion and graduation rates for low-income students. (Gates Foundation, n.d.) The states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio have used this initiative to increase access, contain cost, and create programs. ("Completion by Design," 2015) This pathway
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