The Bridge That Connects And The Wall That Blocks

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The Bridge that Connects and The Wall that Blocks People’s view of how technology influence our lives are disputed for many reasons. Rapid development of technology has drastically changed the society we live in today. Computers and machines play an important role in almost all fields of human life. Technology is like the essence in our life as it presents itself everywhere at the same time. How we react and how we interact with technology determines whether technology prospers our life or creates obstacles. Nonetheless, despite that the purpose of technology is to make our life accessible, needless usage of technology is inconvenient. People of all ages became obsessed to all kinds of technological gadgets such as TV, cellphone and the internet. Unfortunately, in most situation people would find themselves chained to their cellphones and fails to realize the drawbacks that technology negatively affects their lives. Rapid development of technology has complicated life in many ways. For instance, in the book The Shallows by Nicholas Carr talks in-depth into the workings of our brain and how technology and the Internet is affecting the way people “think, read, and remember”. Technology has advanced to a level where it interferes human relationships and causes the incapacity to think by ourselves even causing some health issues. Technology has weakened the connection between family members. It is obvious that today everyone can collect information through technology and the…
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