The Bridge That Connects And The Wall That Blocks

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The Bridge that Connects and The Wall that Blocks People’s view of how technology influence our lives are disputed for many reasons. Rapid development of technology has drastically changed the society we live in today. Computers and machines play an important role in almost all fields of human life. Technology is like the essence in our life as it presents itself everywhere at the same time. How we react and how we interact with technology determines whether technology prospers our life or creates obstacles. Nonetheless, despite that the purpose of technology is to make our life accessible, needless usage of technology is inconvenient. People of all ages became obsessed to all kinds of technological gadgets such as TV, cellphone and the…show more content…
In the past, it took weeks, months and years to deliver information to each other but now it happens in a matter of a second. Despite that, in this over-dominating technology environment is destroying people’s “real” communication. People are no stranger to a scenario where family members physically celebrated holiday together and spent time together, but today people just call and text each other to wish them best of luck. E-mails have replaced the letters that made us super excited where we used to put it under our pillows and read it all over again with the smile in our faces. Almost every family members own TV in their own rooms which they no longer sit together and watch their favorite shows and enjoy the family time. There are not many places that people hang out and communicate; movie theatre, stores, bars, etc. The number of people coming these places are diminishing, since now they can order their food “online”, download their movies “online” and buy their things “online”. We have come to place where is hard to find a person who does not give a peek at their phone now and then. Technology and digital media may simplified our lives by allowing us to reach out to other people and spread our messages to a very large stage. However, those kinds of entertainments isolates us from the “physical world”. Instead of thanking and enjoying the meal, people take the pictures of their food and shows off to their so-called friends who lives in the “virtual world”.
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