The Bridgee Factor

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My life as an individual has been shaped by various factors. These includes my family background, religious upbringing as well as my academics. However, one factor that has impacted on my life in no small measure is what I will like to call the 'Skye factor'. Simply put, it is the effect my joining the Skye Bank Family since September 2013 has had on my life and career. In all sincerity, the impact has been tremendous and I am proud to share my experience. Firstly, my joining the Bank has increased my network of friends and acquaintances. Meeting people with different personalities, on a regular basis has broadened my view of life. This has made me to appreciate more fully the diversity that exist in humanity. I have built friendships which have defined my character in relation to qualities like empathy, loyalty, confidence, respect, patience, tolerance and humility, which are necessary to sustain meaningful friendships. These qualities have made me a better person as the cordial relationship I enjoy with friends gives credence to my claim. I am also mentoring a good number of adolescents who see me as a role model.…show more content…
Being a member of the Bank requires that one has to meet up with the goals and expectations of the Bank. A definite time frame is usually given to these goals and periodic appraisals are done to see if efforts are directed accordingly towards attaining them. This approach I have employed in my personal endeavors and this has in the last two years consistently brought me to 90-95 percent success level in achieving my goals. This has singled me out for nomination into several implementation, steering and organizing committees of different bodies outside the
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