The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

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JANUARY 20, 2012

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz is about a Dominican family who lives in Paterson New Jersey and they have been through many tribulations in life. The theme I chose for my essay is Fuku and Love, in the novel these two themes were mainly the reason why the characters got their self in situations they could not overcome. The novel is overall about finding love and overcoming the family curse. It is believed that Fuku was created on the arrival of the Europeans, this unleashed Fuku on the new world. “No matter what you believe,
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Beli did not rush herself, she was reserved and after all she did not want history repeating itself. But it did not take long for her to fall in love with the Gangster. “Beli in love! Round Two! But unlike what happened with Pujos, this was the real deal: pure uncut unadulterated love…” (Diaz page 125).

The Gangster promised Beli a better life and she was finally happy in life. They stayed in the love motel most of the time and sometimes the Gangster will disappear for weeks.
Belicia Cabral was living another fantasy and she believed that the Gangster truly loved her and her dream of being married would finally come true. “The magic she’d been waiting for. She placed her hand on her flat stomach and heard the wedding bells loud and clears…” (Diaz page 136). Beli was blinded by love.

One thing the Gangster forgot to tell Beli is that he was married and the wife was Trujillo blood. Since Beli was so excited about the pregnancy, she was telling everyone about it and soon the news got to the palace and the Gangster wife was furious.
Beli was kidnapped by the secret police; while she was gone La Inca turned to God and started to pray. Belicia was beaten to near death and even during the point of time, she still believed that the Gangster would save her.

While laying in the sugar cane fields and waiting for death to take her
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