The Bright Continent : Africa 's Way Of Life And I Do Too

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The Bright Continent The world has a misconception about Africa’s way of life and I do too. “The Bright Continent” explains reasons and provides essential evidence to prove that Africa is better off then we think and that people can learn from them just as much as they can learn from others. In many ways, the book describes that it could even be better than most countries in certain areas. Africa’s knowledge, financial standpoint, way of life, and culture is completely different than what people would think. The first chapter states that if you were to ask for directions in Africa they would direct you towards landmarks. They would use businesses, billboards, and bus stops for navigation (Olopade, pg.4). What makes Africa unique from other countries is 70% of the population is under 30 years old (Olopade, pg.11). Some of the reasons their young population is because of Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and child birth, which are the top causes of death. (Olopade, pg.12). If you wanted food you would make the most of the land you had and use it for farming. The main resources that they have are the sun, soil, and water. These are the necessities needed for daily life and survival. Many think that Africa is in need because they do things to the contrary of the U.S. Every country has their differences, but because Africa has many variations does not mean that they are struggling. Africa might be poor but that is their way of life and they have learned to live this way. Being poor actually
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