The Bright Side Of School Uniforms. Education In The United

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The Bright Side of School Uniforms Education in the United States from Kindergarten all the way to 12th grade is known for its free education system. That’s right, students all over the country are given the opportunity to retrieve a high school diploma for free. Education in this country is so important that schools around the country are pushing their board of education to propose the policy of school uniforms nationwide, as they believe school uniforms have a very beneficial and positive effect on a student’s learning abilities, behavior, and lifestyle. School uniforms are increasingly becoming more popular throughout the United States, therefore schools across the country are aware of how the uniforms help students make higher grades,…show more content…
School uniforms are typically enforced by private or charter institutions, however, public schools across the country are increasingly adopting the proposal of these uniforms. Who knew that the way a student dresses everyday could have such a responsible role in the increase of their performance within the classroom? Studies conducted by David L. Brunsma, a professor at Virginia Tech, discuss the overall effect of school uniforms on a student body. The text mentions how about one in five public schools during the 2013 -2014 school year have effectively established school uniforms at their institutions. This percentage may seem doubtfully small but from the perspective of how many public schools are in the United States, which is roughly ninety-nine thousand, the number of effected schools in the country is quite a few. Although there is not any numerical percentage of how much a student’s academic achievement increases, it is well known that uniforms simply make a student feel more calm and confident in themselves in general. School uniforms are also beneficial in preventing visual distraction amongst the student body within the classroom, because with an effective school uniform policy there are much less dress code violations from both genders that can be seen as provocative attire. .
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