Essay The Bright Side of the Darkness

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Question: In undesirable situations, how does positivity affect individuals? “Look on the bright side.” In efforts to consol those in undesirable situations, it is natural to urge them to be optimistic. Positivity is thought, by the law of attraction, to yield beneficial outcomes. As psychologist Barbara Fredrickson found the “tipping-point” of positivity is “the exact moment when you’ve got enough of it to outweigh the negative and help you to operate at your happiest and most successful” (Onderko). The task of keeping ones spirits high is not one that can be done easily, but sometimes dwelling on the negative can yield its own benefits. The individuals of Apocalypse Now, Heart of Darkness, and The Hollow Men, encounter moments were they…show more content…
Leading me to think the disguise wasn’t for Willard, but for Kurtz himself. The mask of paint gives Kurtz two identities one that he can soil, and one that he can look into the mirror and live with. This is action of disguises is also taken by other soldiers on the boat, by concentrating on the aesthetic of their face paint it distracted them from the gruesome actions they had to take. Focusing on minor aspects can be helpful; however it can also avoid the bigger problem. In The Heart of Darkness the ivory trading company pushes the idea that Kurtz is going insane and needs to be replaced. In the narration given by Charles Marlow there are indicators that Kurtz may not be as much of a lunatic as the company makes him out to be. “The wastes of his weary brain were haunted by shadowy images now – images of wealth and fame revolving obsequiously round his inextinguishable gift of noble and lofty expression.” Marlow realizes the sad truth of Kurtz’ story and how it facilitated his unorthodox outlook on life. Although Marlow gives Kurtz respect, the other characters seems to continue to bring insanity to the forefront. By giving Kurtz insanity more importance, the actual reciprocations of colonization are hidden. The corruption and inequality that cause Kurtz’ downfall are pushed aside. The novella concentrates on the tangible, Kurtz is crazy, rather than look at the cause and effects of this insanity. Change is hard to deal with. As maintained by Cynthia
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