The Brisbane City Synagogue and the Brisbane Cathedral

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Introduction: This report will investigate the design and structure of sacred places and the events and rituals that go on within them. The aim of this report is to analyse the sacred places in the Brisbane city Synagogue and the Brisbane Cathedral and the sacred events and procedures that go on inside of them. Methods of sources Primary source: Primary sources can be used to bring history and culture to life and are defined of brining direct evidence to time. A primary source can be anything from documents, objects, eyewitnesses and participants to an event. Secondary source: Secondary sources are usually primary sources that have been analysed, interpreted and or evaluated. Secondary sources can be primary sources but it all depends on how it is used. Statement of findings: Judaism: “A synagogue serves as a multi function centre for the community”- Ari 27th March 2014. A synagogue has many sacred sites and rituals which go on between them one of them being The Torah scrolls. Torah Scrolls: This object is the most significant to the Synagogue, which is made up of the five books of Moses hand written by a pious scribe. The scrolls are kept inside an Ark of each synagogue and are read aloud in all synagogues four times a week. The Brisbane city Synagogue was an orthodox synagogue because the men and women have to be seated apart and the Males have to wear a piece of

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