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Issue Identification

Role: A consultant to Charlie Couric of Clorox.
The water filtration industry was experiencing some shifts in the competitive landscape and now Clorox, a market leader, is considering several options to maintain its dominance in the market. Couric is considering allocating resources to launch a faucet-mounted filtration system in response to emerging competitors, notably PUR.
Our objectives are to consider the impact of not entering the faucet-mounted filtration market on our market share, brand image and profitability. We must consider the short-term and long-term implications of different scenarios including: entering the faucet-mounted market, increasing our current pitcher sales, and increasing our filter
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In terms of bottled water there are a lot of substitutes and it can be difficult to capture a targeted market and retain them as consumers have many similar products to choose from.
Competitive Analysis
Competitor Strengths Weaknesses Threat Level
PUR • Technologically more advanced than us and removed more contaminants including cryptosporidium and giardia (which we do not)
• Offered portable drinking water systems for outdoor enthusiasts
• Offered desalinators for marine and military use
• Has a higher advertising budget
• Competed on HEALTH advantage
• Has a diversified line of products including standard and premium pitcher filtration systems as well as faucet-mounted systems (currently the market leader in faucet mount system)
• Converging on our filter sales as the only competitor with double digit market share • Still operating at a loss
• Holds less than 10% of market share in the pitchers system This is our most feared competitor and they are converging on our market share. The threat is low-moderate at the moment but can become very serious soon so we must be very wary.
Rubbermaid • The compete on low price
• They have comparable performance as us but are converging on our filter sales with claims that their filters have a longer life cycle
• They have a portability advantage with their bottle that has a carbon filter built in

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