The British American Tobacco Company: Business Ethics

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The British American Tobacco Company: Business Ethics The British American Tobacco company is a multinational company with over 200 brands that they have developed under the guidance; the company is staggeringly successful, selling 694 billion cigarettes in 2012 ( The worldwide company sees itself, and many would argue, rightfully so, as a powerful forces that has stimulated economies all over the globe in lasting and measurable ways: in 2012, the company's "subsidiaries enabled governments worldwide to gather more than £30 billion in duty, excise and sales taxes on our products, more than seven times the Group's profit after tax" ( Being a stimulus to the economy and a pillar of economic stability is something that company prides itself on: British American Tobacco has 44 factories in 39 countries, employing 55,000 people worldwide in a massive multicultural workforce ( The company claims that it gives each local factory a tremendous amount of autonomy and responsibility for its operations, with all decisions made with interest and thought to all local stakeholders of each respective business within a framework of principles, standards of strategies ( Corporate responsibility is a fascinating subject when it comes to any tobacco company, given the health hazards that tobacco products inherently pose to one's health. Interestingly enough, the British American Tobacco company acknowledges the issues with their products and the health

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