The British Architects Of The 20th Century

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Born on September 8, 1914, Sir Denys Louis Lasdun is considered among the most distinguished British architects of the 20th century. He is credited with having contributed to London’s urban landscape. Among the works for which he is best known are the Royal National Theatre at London’s South Banks of the Thames, the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg, the Royal College of Physicians in Regent 's Park and the University of East Anglia. The others of Lasdun’s buildings were a building at 32 Newton Road, Paddington, Hallfield Primary School, Usk Street Housing, Keeling House and the Sports Centre at the University of Liverpool. Considering how eminent these landmark buildings are in London’s landscape, it is apparent that Lasdun was a much-sough architect, especially by the British government as well as the local authorities. Lasdun’s architecture falls under the Brutalist architecture of the United Kingdom under which many prominent 20th century British and European architects worked. Among the architects that worked under Brutalism and had great influence on Lasdun’s architecture were Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Nicholas Hawksmoor. Lasdun’s fame as a world class architect could be largely attributed to the fact that his architecture spanned the whole era of modernism in British art.

It is often asserted that Lasdun’s architecture was derived from and driven by his boredom with the sameness or identicalness of English architecture and the
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